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Taste of Africa

crocus sativus organic bulbs

Organic bulbs are being cultivated completely organically, without the use of any chemical plant protection products. Our organic bulbs are supplied with an organic certification

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crocus sativus non-organic bulbs

Non-organic bulbs are being cultivated in a sustainable manner, with a minimum use of chemical crop protection.

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Saffron Cultivating Packages

Our Saffron Cultivation Packages provide everything you need to start your saffron growing journey. All packages include saffron bulbs, organic fertiliser, soil amendment, and instructions on how to get started. Our expert team of agronomists are available to provide advice and support every step of the way, ensuring your saffron crop will be a success. With our packages, you can be sure you're getting the best quality saffron bulbs and organic materials for your project. Start your saffron growing journey today and experience the rewards of growing your own saffron

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Soil analysis

We offer soil analysis services to help you understand the current state of your land and plan for a successful growing season. Our soil analysis will provide you with detailed information regarding the pH level, nutrient content, and structure of your soil, giving you the insights you need to ensure healthy plant growth.

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Consulting and training

We offer comprehensive saffron cultivation training to give you the essential skills and knowledge to build and maintain a successful saffron crop. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on guidance and detailed instructions to ensure you understand all the key aspects of saffron cultivation. With our training, you'll be ready to cultivate your own saffron crop with confidence.

Saffron cultivation in South Africa

South Africa is an ideal location for saffron cultivation due to its ideal climate and soil conditions. Saffron offers an excellent opportunity for farmers in South Africa to diversify their crops and benefit from the lucrative international market. With the right cultivation and harvesting techniques, saffron cultivation can be a highly profitable venture. The growing demand for saffron in Europe and Asia makes it an attractive option for South African farmers. With the right knowledge and resources, saffron cultivation in South Africa can be a highly rewarding undertaking.

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Successfully growing saffron in all regions of South Africa

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