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Complete package

Complete package


Our Complete package offers everything you need to get started with saffron farming. Our package includes Class 1 certified saffron bulbs, a specialised team who will perform the land preparation and the planting of the bulbs using our own equipment. Additionally, our experts provide detailed instructions and advice to ensure success in growing and harvesting saffron. With our Complete package, you will have all the resources you need to establish a thriving saffron farm.

  • Includes:

    • Soil testing
    • Planting guide
    • Custom irrigation
    • On-site evaluation 
    • Starting from 150 000 bulbs (¼ hectare)
    • Land preparation and planting
    • Personal consultation sessions with industry expert   
    • Organic fertilizers & boosters including nutrient schedule



    • Customer to supply own tractor and operator

Mixture bulbs can be pre-ordered with an 25% payment option

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