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Wholesale BIO Crocus Bulbs - Size 11+

Wholesale BIO Crocus Bulbs - Size 11+

PriceFrom R39 327,00

Wholesale-Organic Crocus Sativus bulbs size 11+

The first flowering can be expected after the initial climatisation period.

  • Saffron bulb specification

    Bulb size 11/+
    Circumference of the bulbs 11 - 13 cm
    Diameter of the bulbs 3,5 - 4,2 cm
    Quality of the bulbs Class 1
    Planting time Mid-February to late March
    Flowering time  Mid-March till late April

    Quantity of flowers expected

    after the initial climitisation


    300 to 500 flowers per 100 bulbs

    Produces saffron for



    Suitable for naturalization

    in garden


Mixture bulbs can be pre-ordered with an 25% payment option

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