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Wholesale BIO Crocus Bulbs - Size 7/8

Wholesale BIO Crocus Bulbs - Size 7/8

PriceFrom R11 259,00

Wholesale-Organic Crocus Sativus bulbs size 7/8

The first flowering can be expected after the initial climatisation period.

  • Saffron bulb specification

    Bulb size 7/8
    Circumference of the bulb 7-8 cm
    Diameter of the bulb 2,23-2,55 cm
    Quality of the bulbs Class 1
    Planting time Mid-February to late March
    Flowering time Mid-March till late April

    Quantity of flowers expected

    after the initial climitisation


    0 to 20 flowers per 100 bulbs

    Produces saffron for



    Suitable for naturalization in



Mixture bulbs can be pre-ordered with an 25% payment option

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